Social media giants just seem to be copying each other

Right now, the Social media giants just seem to be copying each other

.There is obviously no such thing as a new idea on Social media. As Twitter has Fleets now, a rip-off of Instagram Stories, no doubt originally copied from Snapchat. Snapchat is now becoming Spotlight which is similar to Instagram reels, unashamedly stolen from TikTok. There is no doubt in it that TikTok grew from the ashes of Vine, which definitely was acquired by Twitter, which now stalks a concept called Audio Spaces, which is a carbon copy of Clubhouse.

But the question is does your head hurt?

Mine does definitely, as do my thumbs, which now have three times as many Social media platforms to scroll for short-form and interim videos. I am submerging with content and underwhelmed by its features, at least until the next new and big thing comes along, and everyone starting to copy that.

YouTube Short videos also the company’s short-form video experience and TikTok rival, now launching today in the U.S. The main features allow creators to record short films. They edit them and share short-form video content which will be 60 seconds or less in length, that is set to popular music. As you know what YouTube has dealt with Universal Music Group, Warner Music Group, Sony Music Entertainment, Warner Chappell Music, Believe, Merlin, Kobalt, Beggars, 300 Entertainment, CD Baby, Empire, Peer, Reservoir, OneRPM, and many more.

It’s totally weird that is happening on Social media

As the companies are reproducing the same features and same formats is often an attempt to juice engagement. If people start spending all of their free time scrolling through TikTok so that’s means those are precious hours siphoned from Instagram, or Twitter, or maybe Snapchat. This means that less revenue from advertisers and which is considered bad.

But in simple words reproduce a competitor’s big and successful idea doesn’t always lead to replicating its success!
“I would say we’ve never seen a great ‘lift and shift’,” says Nicole Greene, who is an analyst at the research firm Gartner, where she always focuses on social media. As we know that LinkedIn and Skype also adopted the Stories format but it didn’t lead to tons more engagement on such of these platforms just tons of eye rolls. Said by Greene “The very best way and strategy would be making it even better for your platform, by “tailoring these experiences or optimizing it based on the way their base is engaged.”

YouTube has agreements globally with over 250 publishers and also labels for use in the Shorts product.
YouTube first introduced the Shorts product itself was in September and it has been beta testing in India over the past several months.

Some facts of Social Media

Definitely, you may have already encountered the YouTube Shorts “shelf” on the YouTube homepage. It has the ability to create YouTube Shorts videos and it was not live in the U.S. until today. But the experience of making content for YouTube Shorts is very much like TikTok. Social media make people much and busier than before and people become now short film addicts.

Creators can easily have access to tools, stop and start recording short video segments with one tap. Which is much like the leading short-form app. They can also choose the video’s backing music and amazing sound. And they can utilize a small handful of in-app editing features. These are also including speed controls to slow or a countdown timer, speed the audio. They can also handle text timing capabilities to make text appear on someone’s screen at a certain amount of times, soon after launch, adjustment of filters.

In this modern era, Social media play a vital role everywhere. YouTube Shorts also has a clever tool that lets you select the favorite part of the song you want to use in your video. This is making the more intelligent automatic sound-syncing feature which makes TikTok so accessible especially for beginners. YouTube’s product also at launch lacks large features and a catalog of special effects. Just like the AR features or green-screen options that is found on TikTok. But instead, like Instagram Reels, the specifically goal with Short film is to simply lower the barrier to entry for users. Who wants to make and publish short-form video content on their social platform.

On the viewer’s side, the comparison of TikTok is even more obvious.

New experience

At present, the experience can be launched via the YouTube Shorts shelf which is on the YouTube homepage. That has already been live in some markets. Soon it will be a mobile app from a dedicated Shorts tab in YouTube. Once it will have launched then you’ll be taken to a familiar full-screen vertical video. Where you can have many options like double-tap to like a video, tap into the comments or you can share the video with others. Here you can also subscribe to the creator’s YouTube channel from Shorts if you either find their content interesting.

You can easily tap on hashtags in YouTube Shorts which will take you to a page with other videos which are using the same hashtag. Just like TikTok, you can tap on the music icon in the YouTube Shorts. Which is a square icon but not a spinning record as on TikTok. Here, you’ll find all the other Short films using that sound. Also, have the option to do the same and to use it.

YouTube also suggests its creator’s remix videos show themselves and reacting to their favorite jokes. Try to use a YouTuber’s recipe and try to re-enact a comedic skit that admits other things. Since when it launches in India, the YouTube Shorts player has been passed 6.5 billion daily views globally. Therefore, YouTube wouldn’t say how many of the creators had adopted the product nor how many Shorts videos have been produced.


“There is a two-way door here where we can easily build a short story video ecosystem,” explains Sherman. “You should try to take a step forward into YouTube. And also even you can choose YouTube Music in the foreseeable future. And then finally from YouTube, you could also begin creating Shorts.

Of course, YouTube isn’t the first social media platform to copy TikTok. Instagram and Snapchat also have done the same respectively. But in YouTube’s case, it’s even more difficult and critical to offer support for short-form video. And to stay relevant in a market. Where TikTok has become one of the most downloaded mobile apps now. And considered to be a preferred tool for watching video content on mobile devices.

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