Even LinkedIn is making a Clubhouse clone

LinkedIn- Clubhouse clone

It feels like other big tech companies, LinkedIn- Clubhouse clone is about to launch. Every big tech company is developing a Clubhouse-like social audio tool – Twitter’s Spaces feature is rolling out now, Facebook is reportedly building one, Spotify is making one, Mark Cuban has one, even Slack is getting in the game. However, the shared audio space concept that began on Clubhouse has now come full circle. LinkedIn, the professional social network, has revealed to TechCrunch that it is developing its own audio networking tool.

LinkedIn said in a statement to TechCrunch, “We’re performing some early tests to offer a distinctive audio experience”. “We’re also investigating how we can incorporate audio into other sections of LinkedIn. It will provide our members with even more opportunities to engage with their community.”

According to LinkedIn, beta testing for the feature will begin soon. LinkedIn- Clubhouse clone provided a mockup of the functionality with TechCrunch. It has a stage with speakers in the front and center. It is similar to Clubhouse and Twitter Spaces, and a list of persons in the audience lower down the screen.

LinkedIn has already begun to position itself as a hub for creators, with features such as a new Creator mode that labels you as a LinkedIn content creator on your profile. A Clubhouse-style element appears to be a natural match.

LinkedIn-Audio Features similar to Clubhouse:

According to app researcher Alessandro Paluzzi, LinkedIn is working on live audio rooms. He was the one who exposed Snapchat’s planned Remix feature on Twitter five days ago.

LinkedIn didn’t take long to confirm the suspicion. The company is exploring new audio features and claims that the experience will be unique among Clubhouse competitors. It is because it will be linked to customers’ professional identities on LinkedIn (rather than a conventional social profile that is frequently overstated or falsified).

LinkedIn spokesperson Suzi Owens told TechCrunch, “We’re looking at how we can introduce audio to other sections of LinkedIn, including as events and groups, to provide our users even more options to connect to their community.”

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