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How’s your productivity when you’re on work from home?

.Do you enjoy work from home? Are you think you are able to be as productive and efficient as when you are working from your company’s office or lab?

As we know that the number of remote employees is higher than it’s ever been and due to recent circumstances such as COVID-19, more and more employees are shifting to virtual work. At the same time many professionals like the concept of working from home, it’s common for people to feel disconnected from their colleagues and isolated.

Remote working, also known as telecommuting, is often seen as an incentive for organizations to have flexible options. No matter whether you regularly telecommute 100% of the time, a few times a week, or only during emergencies, significant challenges can arise. What you will do if you need some information right away, but your coworker isn’t responding? Also, you are unsure of how to proceed based on an email or other instructions. Therefore, miscommunication and lack of communication can cause substantial problems.

Some companies are fully remote, meaning all employees work from home or from shared workspaces. As remote working companies host employee retreats and encourage video conferencing to help connect telecommuters with their virtual coworkers.

Here are a few best remote companies for work:

  • Automattic
  • Zapier
  • In Vision
  • GitHub
  • Aha!
  • Clever Tech
  • ConvertKit
  • Recruiterbox

I also worked for an office for many years and those many years working in an office has made me a creature of habit. For instance, when I was not traveling, I looked forward to going to an office where I could research, write and work on consulting projects, with few interruptions.

Like millions of workers around the world, the pandemic changed our workplace habits overnight. But starting last March, our office complex locked us out and forced us to work from home. Like many other people, I had to shift from going to the office every day to just walking down the hall to my home office to work.

My office is near to my house so I haven’t face any problem going there and do my work as well. Therefore, the idea of not driving to the office, listening to my favorite music, and morning sports radio show. and sometimes even taking a short detour to pick up something for breakfast to eat at my desk, was a real shock.

Adjust yourself in every situation:

As a technical and also one who has traveled extensively, I had already developed a good habit which is a work-from-anywhere habit. So adjusting to working from home was not difficult. So, I realize after that we should maintain the same environment and available tools as we have in the office. But some of the people can’t know about it.

Here are four pieces of tech that could help in Work from home

Laptop stand:

I got my laptop stand about eight months into quarantine after using books and boxes.  And all kinds of odd things to hold up my laptop during video calls. This laptop stand is sturdy also matches my MacBook Pro’s design, and keeps it laptop at the perfect height for video calls. It can help prevent my laptop from overheating, thanks to its open bottom, which facilitates air and circulation.

iPad Pro:

The second tool and this is a must for me is an iPad Pro. I use the iPad Pro for all types of things like the main tool for messaging apps and an extra screen for doing spot searches. As I am fond of listening to news so it is also tied to news alerts of various types and I like having it as a separate source for news and stock alerts, besides having those splashed across my large monitor.

Web camera:

The third technology I needed to upgrade is an external web camera for video calls. As all laptops and even some desktops have front-facing cameras and in most cases, they are not high-resolution. This is in fact best and must for those who do a lot of video calls from their home office.

There are many superb models from Poly, Logitech like Dell, HP, and Lenovo who sell high-resolution external cameras.


The fourth one is a smartphone. This is also a no-brainer but in a home office setting. As we know in every field especially is one requirement in a smartphone that needs close attention – the quality of audio and the speakers. I also found that on numerous occasions I may only use my smartphone for a call. As I am walked through a set of slides someone sends me to review. And maybe sent a document to review, so I try to put the smartphone in speaker-phone mode. Therefore, I can listen to the call while reviewing the document in real-time.

In this modern era, most premium smartphones have high-quality speakers and audio that is quite good. The middle phone level can also have good speakers and audio. But if buying one in this range, you need to look closely at these features.

Sometimes, when on a video call I can use the microphone on my MacBook Pro, as it is quite good.  Sometimes i think the quality of the video is not good but at the same time when I use the best product then it becomes great And I use a Bluetooth headset. According to me, this is a luxury than a necessity. But it can add to the audio quality in instances where audio is very important to any video call.

Taking interest and enjoying

Now I have used to and adjusted to working from home and am resigned to the fact that this is my work future. I will miss the office environment and camaraderie that comes with it. Approximately fifty percent of the workforce will continue to work from home in the future. Because it will be difficult for those who didn’t do any work outside the office. But we should compromise and everything that is happening around the world.

But you know what having to close down my office has been bittersweet for two distinct reasons. The whole privacy I had in that office gave me an exceptional working environment. I spent hours and hours in writing and researching without interruptions. That increased my productivity immensely.

It’s also the fact is at home, I encounter various interruptions, many beyond my control. Sometimes the noise of multiple gardeners in my neighborhood, usually noise of children, kitchen noise interrupts the silent environment I like that allows me to work so well. At that time I will be going to miss my office and the routine.


During pandemic millions of workers, who make the home office the center of their work-life, having the right technology at home can replicate office efficiency, and possibly enhance one’s productivity. Well working in an office for decades was very productive, informative, enjoyable working from home. The help of the right tech tools has allowed me to continue to be highly productive too. Even when I now have to deal with many interruptions I never encountered them at the office.




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