Cybercrime in the US jumped by 55% in the past two years

Cybercrime rates in the US increased to 55% for past two years

Cybercrime rates are increasing as hackers continue to steal data. They destroy organizations and cause online harm. There was a loss of millions of dollars. According to‘s prediction, cybercrime rates increased to 55% in the US for the past two years. It will reach a loss of $4.2 billion in 2020.

Business email compromises accounted for $1.8 billion, or 42%, of the total. According to the data, the most common cybercrimes are phishing, nonpayment frauds, and extortion.

Last year, a number of security problems resulted in the data loss of millions of people. MGM Resorts announced that 10.7 million visitors’ data had been stolen. Marriott saw 5.2 million customer accounts affected and the Solar Winds attack compromised thousands of companies, including federal institutions.

Meanwhile, according to a Gallup poll released on March 22, Americans consider cyberterrorism to be the greatest threat to the country, exceeding nuclear weapons built by North Korea and Iran.

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