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Preparing for the End of Windows 10

Businesses around the world have adopted Windows 10, one of Microsoft's most popular operating systems. However, Microsoft will cease selling certain digital downloads of the popular operating system on January 31, 2023. ...

Fare Thee Well, Internet Explorer

Microsoft has officially cut off support for Internet Explorer, even going so far as removing it from devices running Windows 10 and 11. What does the removal of this dinosaur of web browsing mean for your business? Let’s examine how ...

Microsoft Surface Duo review

The Microsoft Surface Duo arrives at an odd moment. A large number of professionals are now working from home on a long-term basis. The concept of constantly being online and working is sadly prevalent throughout several businesses.

Microsoft 365 account- 5 measures to prevent hackers

Foreign hackers have been secretly monitoring Microsoft 365 accounts and chats between US government officials responsible for recognizing foreign threats to national security for months on December 2020. The attackers in the now-famous SolarWinds hack used malicious malware embedded in ...

Microsoft is Increasing the Price of Office/Microsoft 365

We want to put this out there so you’re not surprised when it happens: Microsoft is planning to increase the price of its Microsoft 365 and Office 365 offerings. If you use these tools for your business, you will see ...

Microsoft warns about open redirect phishing campaign

The Microsoft Security Intelligence Twitter account is at it again with another PSA (Project Service Automation) regarding a phishing campaign mucking up link-clicking safety for denizens of the web. If you get an email with one of these sketchy links, you ...

"Word cloud" will soon be supported in Microsoft Teams polls

To help improve the built-in Polls feature in meetings, Microsoft Teams is introducing a new "word cloud" feature. This feature will be available to desktop and mobile users in late September.

LinkedIn will follow Twitter in eliminating Stories feature less than a year after it is launched.

The Microsoft-owned LinkedIn social network is eliminating its Stories feature just over a year after its public introduction. It became clear that users weren't interested in using them in such a professional setting.

Nasty Vulnerability Found in Microsoft Azure’s Managed Database Service

Some vulnerabilities can fly under the radar for quite some time, some for months or even years. This is the case with a recently discovered Microsoft Azure database vulnerability. The exploit, discovered by cloud security provider Wiz, is found in ...

Is the Android Experience on WIndows 11 Really Going to Work?

Android applications will be available on Windows 11, a concept that many users are looking forward to. However, there are quite a few terms and conditions that apply. How will this integration work, and can you expect it to be ...


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