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Tip of the Week: Did You Know You Could Protect a Zip File with a Password?

Password-protecting a file is one way to secure it from wandering eyes, particularly if you’re not the only one who uses your user profile on your computer. Windows doesn’t have built-in functionality for this type of protection, but you can ...

Tip of the Week: How to Turn Off the Focused Inbox

If you are a user of Microsoft Outlook, you might have noticed that most of your important messages get grouped into an inbox titled Focused while others get directed to the Other inbox. While this might be helpful for some ...

Tip of the Week: Simplify Your Processes with Workspaces in Google Drive!

What are Google Drive Workspaces? As we mentioned, as you and your other users are working on their assigned tasks, the various resources they will need could very well be stored in multiple places in your company’s Google Drive storage. ...


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