IT solutions have the potential to be major problem-solvers for your organization, but they are only as effective as the team members using them. This means that all employees must not only be trained on the solutions, but also must embrace them as the efficient solutions they are. Here are some ways that you can train your employees to make sure that your team is efficiently using new technology solutions.

There are two major focus areas for your training: employee noncompliance and how to process issues. Let’s take a look at each of these factors and see what we can take away from them.

Employee Noncompliance

There are many ways that your employees can remain non-compliant with new technology solutions. Here are just a few ways that they can do so:

  • A lack of regulatory knowledge amongst your team members regarding things like IT security, workplace safety, and other considerations means that there is some level of noncompliance present. The first step to remaining compliant is knowledge, so without it, it makes sense that noncompliance is present.
  • If new regulations and requirements—in other words, change—give your employees stress and foster resistance, you know they likely have not been keeping up with the requirements well enough to adopt necessary standards.
  • If your established processes are not going well, then your team likely has not met the compliance requirements of the various laws and regulations that could potentially govern your business’ use of technology and data.
  • If there are several errors within your business, this is a telltale sign that your team has not received the proper training to mitigate such issues.

Procedural Issues

On the other hand, if your business’ processes and procedures aren’t as clearly defined as they could be, then there is a chance that you can resolve this issue with more training. Here are three telltale signs that your staff has trouble with procedural issues.

  • There are no outlined processes for your company’s goals or procedures that your team can follow, which could lead to scattered priorities and unorganized progress.
  • Management and ineffective scheduling result in pushed-back work and deadlines.
  • Team members within projects cannot communicate effectively, leading to miscommunication and frustration.

All of the above can be resolved with regular training practices on how to utilize business technology in the most effective way possible. To learn more about how you can make sure your team has access to the training they need to succeed, reach out to SRS Networks at (831) 758-3636.

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