SEC sanctions brokerage firms over email hacks that leaked client data.

Fines Brokerage firma

The Securities and Exchange Commission(SEC) fined six trading companies a total of $750,000 after hackers gained access to staff email accounts, revealing sensitive personally-identifying information of thousands of customers and clients. The SEC has sanctioned eight entities affiliated with three companies. They include Cetera (Advisor Networks, Investment Services, Financial Specialists, Advisors, and Investment Advisers), Cambridge Investment Research (Investment Research and Investment Research Advisors), and KMS Financial Services.

This nefarious malware might monetize your internet traffic.

cyberattack might be selling off your internet bandwidth

In a previously unreported trend, cybersecurity experts have identified a new malware family (cyberattack) that is syphoning from their victims’ bandwidth. It is the same way as crypto mining malware attempts to monetize the victims’ CPU cycles. According to recent data from Cisco’s Talos intelligence division, threat actors have begun to abuse internet-sharing programs. They are known as proxyware, such as Honeygain (see their rebuttal at the end of this post), Nanowire, and others.

WFH security regulations are difficult to implement by many businesses

Many companies are struggling to enforce WFH security

The breakout of Covid-19, as well as the ensuing rush to remote working, led to a power struggle in the newly constituted decentralized workplace. On the one hand, remote work was convenient and comfortable, but it also posed a threat to network security. Many security professionals turned a blind eye to the fact that in the early days of the epidemic, when companies were primarily concerned with keeping their operations running, personnel abandoned security best practices to do the task as quickly as possible.

Alexa will now talk louder if it senses a lot of background noise.

Alexa Will Now Speak Louder

Amazon has added a new Alexa function that assures you can hear what the voice assistant is saying even if the TV is on or other people are chatting. The new Adaptive Volume function, according to The Verge, would let Alexa talk louder if it detects a lot of background noise. According to the company, the goal is for you to be able to hear the voice assistant’s replies over the din of your home or office. You won’t be able to test it out if you reside outside of the US just yet, according to The Verge. It’s now only available to US users.

The best Windows 11 themes

The best Window theme and features

Windows Insiders are discovering new ways to personalize the new Windows OS as the beta version of Windows 11 continues to trickle out ahead of the official release on October 5. Microsoft’s decision to add widgets to the home screen and expand the customization options in the start menu is part of the reason behind this. We’ll look at another type of personalization that clients enjoy: Windows themes, in this session. Here are some of our current Windows 11 favorites, along with explanations for why we appreciate them.