An Alleged Mafia Fugitive Was Caught Because He Kept Posting Cooking Videos to YouTube

Alleged Mafia Fugitive Caught for Posting Cooking Videos

An Italian Alleged Mafia fugitive caught for posting cooking videos two years ago after dodging both domestic and international arrest orders for 14 years as a “super fugitive.” Marco DI Lauro, Italy’s second most dangerous guy at the time, was seated with his two cats and enjoying a plate of pasta when he was captured.

Fast forward to this week, when a different Mafia figure was apprehended while preparing pasta, rather than while eating it. Marc Feren Claude Biart, according to The Guardian, was always careful not to expose his face during his Italian cooking videos on YouTube, but he never concealed his unique tattoos.

Biart was another alleged mafia fugitive caught for posting cooking videos in Boca Chica. It is a Dominican Republic beach town where he was not well received by the other Italian ex-pats. (Police stated that he was always treated as a “foreigner”). He’d been on the Italian police’s “To Catch” list. Since 2014, he was charged in the Netherlands with cocaine trafficking “on behalf of the Cacciola clan of the ‘Ndrangheta mafia,” prompting a judge to issue an arrest order.

The 53-year-old was put on a jet back to Milan’s Malpensa airport, according to the Italian police. Biart’s arrest is being hailed as one of I-most CAN’s recent victories. Italian law enforcement authorities have been collaborating with Interpol on a year-long project called I-CAN. It stands for “Interpol Cooperation against the ‘Ndrangheta.”

“Because of its potential to permeate the economic fabric across borders, the fight against the Calabrian Mafia affects not only Italy but also neighboring nations,” the Polizia DI Stato wrote. “Even if the trafficking and all illegal operations originate in Calabria, it poses a severe international concern.”

Biart isn’t the first suspected Mafioso to be brought down by a viral video on the internet. Antonio Montella, a long-time fugitive, was apprehended in 2015 after his church filmed him getting baptized in the sea at Pinetamare. When the cops saw the film, they were able to figure it out. They found where the coastal region was depicted. They also found who Montella’s priest was, which led them to the on-the-run drug dealer.

Adelmo Iadanza, a parishioner at Montella’s church, stated, “He seemed like a decent man. I’m sure there must have been a mistake”. “He remained to himself most of the time, but he was always in church on Sundays”. The string of Sundays most likely came to an end. This happens when he was brought back to Rome to spend his five-year prison sentence.

If you’re the boss of an international criminal gang, you should probably stay away from social media, live-streaming, and even your own YouTube channels. It’s usually best to avoid committing crimes. Not only so you can upload as many cookeries videos as you wanted.

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