Importance of a Secure Wi-Fi Network.

Wi-Fi is no longer an added bonus for homes and businesses—it’s the standard.

Your Wi-Fi doesn’t end within the walls of your home or office. If your AP is not properly secured, you could fall victim to Wi-Fi hijacking. Strangers can use your connection to:


> Extract data from the websites you visit
> Send spam messages
> Infect your computer with a virus

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How does the process work?

Project Management

SRS Project Management helps ensure your deployment runs a smoothly as possible. With years of experience in supporting critical IT functions over multiple verticals, we offer a life cycle service that will be tailored to your needs and help deliver excellence in all aspects of the project.

Structured Cabling

Structured Cabling is the core element of the corporate network and it is important that your solution is designed, installed and warrantied correctly to ensure that it meets your requirements for today and the future. SRS is your best choice for Cat5e, Cat6 and Cat6A systems.

Our Experience

We hold accreditations with many of the leading cabling solution manufacturer’s, therefore we are able to offer a unique product and link warranty. All projects we undertake only receive consistent, top-quality workmanship, materials and in addition to this we provide in house project management and on-site coordination.

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