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Our range of Managed Wi-Fi solutions helps link these elements together simply and securely.

With location tracking and analytics available, Managed Wi-Fi can help you support innovation in your workplace, improve productivity and engage with customers more closely. And we enable you to set policies for different users and devices.


This level of control and security makes our Managed Wi-Fi solution ideal for your organisation, whether it’s a large business, government body, retailer, healthcare provider, financial services firm or in the hospitality sector.

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Why do you need Managed Wi-Fi?

Peace of mind

Operate your network easily and effectively with the ability to pinpoint and resolve issues quickly.

Scale effortlessly

Connect your branch sites quickly with our simple deployment and configuration.

Elevate customer engagement

Gain insights that help you understand your customers better and improve your business, brand and marketing strategy.

Management & support

Reduce the burden on your IT teams with our proactive management, monitoring and maintenance.

Which Industries Are Utilizing Managed WiFi Services?

Real Estate

Managed WiFi for multi-dwelling units, like apartments and dorms, allows those in real estate to benefit from centralized management and consistent billing-not to mention less work.


Managed WiFi enables the staff at hospitals and other medical facilities to access data more quickly and reliably. New Bluetooth enabled access points to allow for full transparency.

Financial Institutions

Managed WiFi helps banks offer a secure connection to staff and customers. With tellers using a strong and swift WiFi connection, customers won’t have to wait long.


Secure connections for guests and automatic billing for hotel operators comprise a seamless managed WiFi solution for the hospitality industry.

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