What is Hospitality Wi-Fi?

An Enhanced Guest Experience

Hospitality Wi-Fi is a way for you as a property owner or general manager to enhance the offerings at your hotel and for your guests. Connectivity is increasingly important in a word with so many Wi-Fi-enabled devices. From virtual assistants to Wi-Fi-connected TVs, if your rooms offer a multitude of devices with connectivity needs, Wi-Fi is essential.


Having Wi-Fi at your hotel is a simple but effective way to give your guests the convenience of connectivity while adding value to your property.

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The Different Parts of a Hotel Network.

Wireless Access Point

A wireless access point (WAP) is a place where an end-user can access the wireless network, such as a router. It acts as a point where the user can join the local area network.

Wall Mount/Enclosures

Wall mounts or enclosures can house cabling and a WAP. The enclosure will also have a switch. You may find these in communication closets in buildings with Wi-Fi.

Backbone Cabling

Backbone cabling is a network of cables that run throughout your property. These cables are the main foundation for your network, hence the name “backbone” cabling.

Local Area Network

A local area network (LAN) can link all of a guest’s devices across a property like your hotel. A virtual local area network (VLAN) can make sure each guest has privacy and security.

Switches and Panels

Switches and panels are two pieces of networking equipment that are required for your Wi-Fi network to function. Switches and panels are connected by cables in a server room or data center.

Network Monitoring Software

Specialized software can help you or an IT team ensure the network is running at peak efficiency and can send alerts if something goes wrong.

Why install Hospitality Wi-Fi?

Happier Guests

Everyone loves getting what they want. Streaming platforms, video calling and other modern conveniences require a reliable internet connection. Giving your guests this one small amenity can help turn them into lifelong customers.

More Bandwidth

A better network means you have more bandwidth at your disposal. With all the tools your hotel may be using, like a point-of-sale system (POS) or live-booking platform, you need a network that can support it all.

Less Downtime for Staff

Better coverage, security and faster download speeds also help your hotel’s staff, too. With a robust network infrastructure, you don’t have to worry about your network going down and causing havoc for the front desk.

Revenue Opportunities

Expanding your network can mean expanding your revenue opportunities. Tiered internet packages for guests or even convention bookings can be one more premium amenity for your business.

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