How can I improve my Google search skills?

How can I get better at using Google search?

The extraordinary popularity of Google was achieved via de-skilling search. People who aren’t very good at searching – which are almost everyone – may now get decent results without having to type in long, complicated queries. This was partially due to Google’s PageRank algorithm recognizing which pages were most important and successful, and partly due to users quickly leaving websites that didn’t provide what they wanted.

Pegasus, the State Department’s phone spyware: What you need to know

Pegasus spyware on State Department phone

Software aiming at activists, journalists, and CEOs was also found on US government phones, according to reports. Apple has filed a lawsuit against its Israeli maker, NSO Group. It’s a serious case of cyber espionage. On 37 phones belonging to activists, rights campaigners, journalists, and enterprises, security experts identified evidence of attempted or successful installations of Pegasus. Its a malware manufactured by the Israeli cybersecurity firm NSO Group. They appear to have been the subject of covert surveillance by software designed to help governments track down criminals and terrorists.

Windows 11, 9 hacks for making the most of your PC

9 tricks that'll change the way you use your Windows 11 computer

Windows 11, Microsoft’s latest operating system, began a staggered distribution to eligible devices in October, while Windows 10 received its update earlier this month. So yet, just a few people have been encouraged to update to the newer of the two operating systems. Many others are debating whether they should download Windows 11 at all. However, if you install Windows 11, you’ll discover a plethora of tips, tricks, and secret features that are simple to master and can make working on your laptop more enjoyable.

Everything we expected from Windows 11, but didn’t get

Window 11 Features

Windows 11, Microsoft’s newest operating system, has some significant improvements over Windows 10. The new OS has a revised UI with a more Mac-like style. Some important new features (such as simpler virtual desktop creation, widgets, Android app downloads, and a more integrated Microsoft Teams experience). But it falls short in terms of performance and productivity features. Some features that we wanted to see did not materialize.

The top 20 gadget of 2021

20best gadget for use

Following is the list of  top 20 gadget of 2021: Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 £1,599, £799 Cutting-edge technology is frequently prohibitively expensive, difficult to operate, and less than sleek. That is not the case with Samsung’s latest foldable screen phones. The Z Fold 3 tablet-phone hybrid and Z Flip 3 flip-phone reinventions are smooth, fluid, and even water-resistant, with large screens packed into small bodies. The Fold may still be prohibitively pricey, but the Flip 3 costs around the same as a top smartphone and is much, far more fascinating. Samuel Gibbs

9 Rules for Strong Passwords: How to Create and Remember Your Login Information

How To Choose Strong password

Strong passwords are required for online security; nevertheless, you must develop separate passwords that you can remember; otherwise, you may fall into the bad habit of using the same login credentials for many accounts. According to LogMeIn, the firm behind the LastPass password organizer, if you count all of your social media, streaming, bank accounts, and applications, you might easily have 85 passwords for all of your accounts.